I'm Love Designs., I'm Love.

How it started….I’m Love.

thumbnailCrazy.  It’s hard to believe this all started with a damn Bitmoji… I’m Cry. That’s what it said.  We started to use the saying in all situations…when something was funny, I’m cry…when something was frustrating, I’m cry…when something was sad, I’m cry.  Not long after all the crying came the love.  I’m love.  I’m capital L, Love. It embodied what we had known and felt….that Love is not an emotion, but a way of being- an existence. And all the passion around being love, was also felt with being yoga; and being surf; and being coffee. I’m Yoga. I’m Surf. I’m Coffee. As we spoke life into the things we did, with passion and connection, and exhilaration, I’m Love was born. Realizing passion and love in the day to day. Whatever you do, be it and thrive in it…..I’m Love.

-Ned and Jessica


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