I'm Love Designs.

I’m Coffee.

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of love stories. Hundreds probably…. How many have you heard that began with a cup of coffee? That’s what I figured. Ours does. I remember that September morning like it was yesterday. The powerful waves rhythmically destroying themselves unleashing their fury upon the unsuspecting rocks just below the seawall. The warmth of the morning sun as it steadily rose to enlighten the mist that was hanging languidly in the still, salty air. The love that was felt with one lock of our eyes, the fire in our souls rising as though it were attached to the sun. All those memories possible because that’s where I chose to drink my coffee, a place where I felt at home, a place that she called home, a moment on a seawall, a moment in her path. This moment. Every time I take a sip of coffee those memories come flooding back in, powerful, like the waves that glorious September morning, and my soul is warmed by the elixir and the love. I’m Coffee. -Ned

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