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The first time I ever saw Jessica she was running. My friend Mark pointed her out to me as we coasted along the seawall on our bikes. I had been running quite a bit that summer, learning to love the feels and occasionally getting that runners high. As I watched her run, I thought to myself, ‘she looks like she could keep up with me’. That just may have been the most underestimated thought of our relationship…


… Every morning, I run. I run for the sweet, salty air filling my lungs; for each sunrise that is uniquely breathtaking and fills the sky with an awe-inspiring color palate. I run for the release and for the filling up of energy to fuel my day; and for the intensity of the ocean’s crashing waves, breaking in rhythm to my pounding feet on warm pavement. Along the seawall. Every morning. There was one particular morning run. One sunrise that is etched into my memory. The strokes of pink and purple materialized as an opening act to the popping red ball, filling the sky with passion and reflecting on the fiercely rolling waves. That sunrise turned into a short conversation on the seawall, and that conversation turned into many morning runs “keeping up” with Ned…


… I knew she’d be there that morning. I knew she was there every morning. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew I was going to put myself in her path. I love coffee and I love sunrises; a perfect excuse to be right there…


… He was in my path. I said yes to whatever told me to stop that day. Because I never stop. But I am learning that sometimes stopping is actually starting…and there, at the seawall, was the beginning of something incredible…


… We said Yes. And so we run. Together. And always notice each sunrise as a piece of that September morning…

– Ned and Jessica

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