I'm Love Designs.

I’m Ocean.

I’m Ocean.

One of my deepest passions is open water swimming. In the ocean, effort and exertion are balanced with calm surrender as I am enveloped by salt water, embraced by rhythmic waves rolling under my moving body, fueling each stroke. My senses are alive with exhilaration as I look toward the open ocean, taking in the set waves rolling toward me, lifting me up and leaving me to free fall into the arms of the white water. I breathe toward the beach to witness a majestic backsplash against the blue sky, an emerging rainbow of spraying water. I am overtaken with awe as I surrender to the next wave’s fierce pull on my body. Each breath is a moment of full immersion, a chance to fully open my eyes to the swell of the pressing wave, engage in the taste of salt and smell of sea. Each moment takes me further into complete lust for the ocean.


I’m Ocean.

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