I'm Love Designs.

I’m Books.

I’m Books.

I wasn’t always a bibliophile, and I surely wasn’t an exemplary student in high school, but I’m convinced there’s magic in books. The feel of a book in my hand, the stout heaviness of a classic hardcover, firm and unforgiving, protecting the delicate pages that contain the transformative words. Words that allow me to step into a time/space portal, ready to be magically transported to places far, near, historical and futuristic. The act of physically holding a book, and intentionally turning every page, is euphoria for the senses. I literally and figuratively ‘feel’ the book. I have stood atop the Wall with Jon Snow, I have been to St. Malo during German occupied France in the 1940’s, I caught swordfish on the Andrea Gail, I too met the Alchemist at the oasis in the dessert, I still eat the fruit from The Giving Tree, and just last week I was surfing in Hawaii with Jaimal. Are you ready for an adventure? ready learn something new? are you willing to say “YES”? Pick up a book. GO. READ. DO. BE. Be books. I’m Books. -Ned .

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