I'm Love Designs.

I See You.

Love. Capital L Love. What gives Love a depth of connection that goes beyond a sentiment; beyond the Hallmark cards and dramatic romance? Are there “characteristics” of Love that make it a fulfilling and unwavering prospect? And what about perspective? How do we interpret a partner’s love? Is it set against a backdrop of how we were raised, our past heartbreaks, our expectations? Do we need to acknowledge a true love for ourself before being capable of feeling and knowing love from another? I have even more questions to ponder, but I think they can all be answered by a 3- word statement. “I SEE YOU.” Seven letters that speak volumes in being Love. What greater honor can we pay someone, as humans, than to look at them with intent and desire to truly see them?

I only recently watched the movie Avatar, where their Na’vi greeting, Oei ngati kameie means “I see you.” To see one’s true being, is to be open to whatever they have inside, to see their Light. As in yoga, Namaste, and the S. African Zulu greeting, Sawbona, this profound statement carries Love and depth of vulnerability- I see you, and in seeing you, I am open to looking at myself. “I see you.” is also a statement of “I hear you.”, “I feel you.”- my heart and soul are open to connecting with you.

Being Love is choosing to see the light in someone else. Being seen is connection and depth and vulnerability. The deepest connection I have known has come from being seen. I remember the first time Ned said to me, ” I see you.”… It moved me past the emotion of love to the notion of Being Love. Immediately within his seeing me, I truly saw him- his light, his vulnerability, his openness, his depth. I saw him as Love. He is Love.

“I see you.” Three small words. The small things are the big things. Be Love.



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