I'm Love Designs.

Training through Pain.

I’m Train through pain. “Pain teaches us what success never will.” I work hard. Every day. I wake up before the sun and I run. I move my body on land, in the water, in the yoga studio. I lift weights. I do handstands. I do push-ups. I do it for me. It is as much of a mental workout as a physical one. Discipline and focus and presence. I move because it forces me to breathe deeply, using breath as an anchor to ground me and connect my mind and body. I move because humans are better when they move. I am intense because it makes me feel deeply. I want to feel because I have a lot inside me to be released…And through all the workouts, I actually never thought of it as training. Just moving. So when someone asks what I’m training for, my response is, “Life.” …. And that response brought to light a payoff for this rigorous Life Training… injury… a supposed-to-sideline-you-injury. Part of my body was broken, but it was also primed to heal. The muscles surrounding the injury were strong. Every system in my body had been trained to heal through multiple micro-traumas over time. My body and mind were trained to face adversity and prepared to encourage healing. I sent all my energy to re-building while I did what I know best, moving. I am certain that I have healed faster than a body not conditioned, not prepared for trauma. I am confident that moving is strength and breathing is the connecting bridge.

It’s not about the run, swim, yoga, push-ups…. it’s how we prepare our body and mind; it’s who we become through training…for Life. 🌊❤️#imlove #trainingforlife #passion

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