I'm Love Designs.


I’m Love. I’m Beard. The abundance of this beard has me thinking about the word abundance.

It conjures up thoughts of riches and trophies and more stuff. But that is not my kind of abundance.

Abundance is your connection to the life you live- each moment of each day; each unique connection to another human; the gift of being present and open and moved by simple things.

Abundance is willingness to BE LOVE in all things, through the most intense pains and the most blissful joys.

Abundance is knowing passion for the simple experience of warm sun on your face, the exhilaration of surfing a wave, the inspiration of racing your bicycle among friends.

Abundance is gratitude for each breath and having the courage to be vulnerable; it is being in awe, feeling deeply, intentional attention, freedom to be your authentic self.

Abundance is being grounded and home in each moment, despite what your life’s plan was and what this moment is.

Abundance is being thankful for the risks you have taken, lessons you have learned, and your heart’s power to heal. Abundance is forgiving yourself and trusting your path.

Abundance is being Love.

BE Abundance. BE Love. ❤️

#love #beard #abundance #imlove #belove

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