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Keep Showing Up.

“Keep showing up” – Des Linden, Boston Marathon Champion 2018.

❤️ I heard Des speak on showing up- in training, in competition, in life. As I process her words and her successes and her underdog trials, I see the words Ned wrote in the sand. I see more than the “I’m Love” that he etched; I see showing up in all ways, saying yes, being Love.

I see that we all have 24 hours in a day, that each moment is a finite space; but within every moment is the opportunity to show up with heart, passion, grit, connection, and make that moment Big.

Because many times, the little things are the big things. The note in the sand, riding bikes with friends at the crack of dawn, ocean swims, sunset surfing, cheers to Friday nights together, a spontaneous after dinner walk, silly faces while brushing your teeth….

To keep showing up is being grateful, acknowledging how precious each interaction is, being vulnerable, knowing depth, taking risk, opening heart. Choosing to BE Love.

Keep Showing up with Love. ❤️ See link for 👕❤️💪🏼 Show Up Shirt on amazon

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