I'm Love Designs.

Swim with your HEART.

When your arms get tired, swim with your HEART.


Race day. One wave start. One mile. Open ocean. Many swimmers. Many variables.

We each showed up and swam our own race. But there was a collective pull, an energy; knowing we were among friends, training partners, passionate athletes. Whether we muscled through with burning lats, gasping breaths, and grinding strokes, or kept a smooth and steady pace, feeling each pull; we all swam with heart.

And we all had our mind giving us some series of statements- maybe it was “quit, this is hard”, maybe “I keep swallowing salt water”, or “was that a fin in the water!”, or “you got this, keep going”…. our mind plays into so much of how we show up, what we do when our training is behind us, and how we access our HEART- our passion, our drive, our attitude.

Do the results really matter? Maybe. But maybe not.

Where is your mind? Where is your heart? Are you smiling? Are you BEING Love? Are you BEING Inspired? Today I am grateful for each person who showed up and inspired me.

Just keep swimming. BE Love. ❤️🌊

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#imlove #imswim #swimming #openwaterswimming #passion #heart Thanks to @rawelementsusa for sponsoring Waterman ECO Challenge 2018

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