I'm Love Designs.

Connecting, Sharing, Learning, Growing…Being Love at the Bar.

Being Love. “I think it’s beautiful the way you sparkle when you talk about the things you love.” #atticus

✨ Listening to this amazing man talk so passionately about the things he loves- makes me shine. His heart shows through his eyes and his smile.

I don’t think we have sat at this bar without meeting the people next to us; connecting, sharing, learning, and ultimately growing. Each moment is an opportunity to connect and hear someone else’s story. Each moment can expand our world a little further. And as we connect with others around us, the depth of our relationship grows. I cherish these incredible humans we meet, because ultimately I see more of Ned- his stories, his smile, his compassion. I see how eager people are to share and connect. I see vulnerability as a strength and love as a way of BEING.

Be Love. ❤️

– Jessica

#love #connection #vulnerability #shine

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