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The Arms of the Ocean Deliver Me.

The arms of the ocean deliver me. 🌊

This morning was a collection of moments that captured the essence of my passion and borderline obsession with the ocean…Ned put words to my ocean lust as I emerged from the water- “the power of the ocean is simultaneously immensely empowering and momentarily terrifying. You amaze me the way you move through the ocean. Power and grace.”

🌊 I feel deeply, this overwhelming synergy- moving my body with strength as the mighty ocean moves me. This dynamic force, the interplay of exhilaration and calm, is nothing short of magic. The ocean unlocks an inspired freedom of infinite space, unquantifiable and absorbing all the senses. I am free from the constraints of land, alive and dancing on intoxication in the present moment, with sensation of fluid waves of energy enveloping me as I connect fully in each moment.

🌊 The Ocean is my continuous reminder of the complexity of life- a constant shift and flow- a vast expression of awe and a space to be engaged in the present. One wave. One Ocean. Pure Bliss. Now.

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