I'm Love Designs.

Tribute to Dad…Being Love.

My morning run frequently brings me through reflections; as I run along the ocean at sunrise, the pure astonishment of the new day moves me…today was another level of depth and vulnerable appreciation, as the sun rose over this memorial for a Dad.

❤️ Poignant and real- a reminder of the brevity of life, of the excruciating heartbreak of loss, and of the unique magnitude of a Dad’s love.

❤️ My dad died when I was 10, unexpectedly rocking my innocent world of climbing trees, riding bikes, and playing sports under his coaching guidance.

❤️ To whomever is missing their dad, etching his name on the seawall, flanked by simple flowers to welcome the rising sun, YOU are Love.

❤️ To the dads who have made an imprint on their daughters and sons, far beyond the confines of life and death, YOU are love.

❤️Gratitude and love for the beauty that a new day can bring, even over a heartbreaking sentiment.


“And perhaps the most beautiful paradox of all is how a human soul is heartbreakingly fragile and unbreakably strong at the same time.”

Join the I’m Love Movement. I’m Love Movement ❤️ BE Love.

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#grief #dad #heartbreak #loss #strength

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