I'm Love Designs.

Inspired Ocean Love.

Swimming in the ocean this morning, I was lost in the magnificence of it all….in every moment, capturing the inspired synergy as I moved through our immense playground of the sea.

The incredible thing about swimming in the ocean is being IN IT….You can be all-in with each breath, a full ensemble of senses- the feel of subtle rise and fall with each wave; the sound of rhythmic splash as each arm enters the water; the taste of salt; the sight of the horizon meeting the ocean in a vast and infinite freedom.

With every swim, every paddle, my love and respect for our mighty ocean grows deeper.

🌊 I’m Ocean. I’m Swim. I’m Love. – Ned ❤️

#imswim #swimming #openwaterswimming #ocean #grateful #everyday #thismoment #love #vulnerability #breath #flowstate #passion

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