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A Practice of Being Love.

Practice. Yoga. Meditation. Breathing. Being.

I always had a ‘to do list’. Until I realized. I realized that more important was a ‘to BE list”. That contentment lies in the balance of our need to DO and our inherent capacity to BE. That sometimes you need to drop the striving to get somewhere in order to BE Love, to BE Gratitude, to BE Passion.

I always had a story of fear. Until I realized. I realized that having fear and showing up to life anyway = bravery. That being Love is bigger than being fear.

I always tried to manage life; to feel safe and in control. Until I realized. I realized the freedom in saying, “bring it, Life… whatever you’ve got for me, I can take it. And I’ll use it all”. That the only things I can control are my effort, my attitude, and my responses. Everything else is not up to me.

I always tried to be perfect. Until I realized. I realized growth comes out of failure, and striving for an unattainable mirage is a sure way to not live in flow of the present moment. I realized that compassion is born out of knowing my darkness well enough to sit in the dark with others; that our shared humanity is recognizing the light and dark and shining together in this connection.

I always pushed myself harder in order to push down emotions. Until I realized. I realized that experiencing emotions is the vulnerability that renders the world meaningful; that trusting myself to feel what I feel allows me to connect deeper and love harder and shine brighter.

I am far, far, far from perfect at these things, and that is why it is my Practice. I can choose to Love my way through it. No matter what I am going through, Love is here. I can see love and BE love.

Be love through your fear. Be love through your heartache. Be love through your best moments. Be love through your frustration. Be love in letting go and in holding on. Be love in feeling all the emotions, in vulnerability, in connection, in authenticity, in trusting your path.

Practice. BE.

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1 thought on “A Practice of Being Love.”

  1. Your post resonates so much with what I’ve been pondering. I so appreciate how you share about being love and how it is a choice we make, sometimes moment by moment. Great words and thoughts here!


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