I'm Love Designs.

I’m Ocean.

I’m Ocean. Reflecting on my summer of daily ocean inspiration….

🌊 One of my deepest passions is open water swimming. In the ocean, effort and exertion are balanced with surrender as I am embraced by salt water, fueling my every stroke. This dynamic force, the interplay of exhilaration and calm, is nothing short of magic.

🌊 The ocean unlocks an inspired freedom of infinite space, unquantifiable, and absorbing all the senses. I am free from the constraints of land, alive and dancing on intoxication in the present moment, with sensation and energy enveloping me as I fall further into complete lust for the ocean.

🌊The Ocean is a continuous reminder of the complexity of life- a constant shift and flow- a vast expression of awe and a space to be engaged in the present. One wave. One Ocean. Pure Bliss. Now.

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