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The Most Important Thing?…

❤️ “The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing.”

Yikes…That is a big statement. What is the most important thing? Are we talking one thing? Pick just one? Something I cherish without question- my family. An actual thing I use every day- my swim goggles. Something I am passionate about- yoga. Something I am working on daily- being present…

So what is THE most important thing? And now I have to KEEP it THE most important? Prioritize? Commit? … Maybe I can look at it differently. Perhaps all those big important things, including people I love with my whole heart; perhaps those are only important in the context of the ACTUAL most important thing… Radical acceptance of myself in my life, moment by moment, being love, appreciating all the richness of this one life and the inevitability of its sorrows and heartache.

Because really, there is no substitute for living life moment by moment. The buzz word is mindfulness. To me, it is an awareness that taps me on the shoulder 437 times a day, to say, “This is your life. Now. Not anticipating what is to come; Not remembering what is gone.” … This does not mean I don’t have vision, or goals, or memories of past. But the place in which I dwell, the present, the capacity to BE IN life, allows me to be with grief and with bliss, to be passionate, to be authentic and wholehearted, to show up…. I will keep THAT the most important thing… BEING here and BEING love. ❤️ I’m Love.

#belove #imlove #life #passion #keepshowingup #bekind #beherenow #meditation #yoga #love #birds #ocean #writing #authentic #october

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