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Keep Showing Up.

Just Keep Showing Up

Riding through the mud wasn’t super fun. We went to race. We signed up and we showed up. We were ready. The gun went off. I pushed the pedals. The tires were barely moving through the mud. Turns and climbs and jumping barriers. Shoes caked with mud refusing to clip into the pedals. Mind negotiating the terrain and bartering with the body. Quit. No, Don’t stop. Catch those guys. Don’t get passed. Effort. This is tough. Push. Breathe.

— It’s when you want to quit and you keep going- that’s when the real journey starts–

Life. It is sometimes caked with mud. To be human. We sometimes negotiate to keep going through the mud. We keep showing up. We choose to BE real in all of life- including the mud. We are on the real journey. Keep going. ❤️🔥

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