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Being Vulnerable. Being Strength.

“Going deep. Being vulnerable. Being strong.” #wimhof

🌊 Training for life…in the big things and the small things. It’s not just about training for a race. It’s not about a win or a PR or a podium. Some days you give more in practice than you end up having on race day.

Always show up.

Showing up and digging deep means being vulnerable….vulnerable to the unknown; to potential for failure. Being vulnerable is not weakness- it is courage in the face of potential difficulty. It is opening instead of turning away. It is showing up and facing whatever comes up, in return for a powerful and meaningful life.

Vulnerability is strength. Going deep is tuning in to your mind in the present moment, fueling your thoughts with curiosity- what is possible right now? And if I fall, can I rise up stronger? And if I’m down, who is there with a hand to lift me back up?

Keep training for life. Showing up in all the ways. Saying yes. Being open. Being strength in vulnerability. 💪🏼

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