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The Groom’s Eyes. Love.


img_7118“Live for the moments you can’t put into words.”

The moment a bride walks down the aisle… I always peek at the groom. I look at his eyes. And they bring tears to mine. There are few other moments in life that bear witness to such awe, such pure desire, such utter love. Last night we celebrated the wedding of beautiful friends. We shared in the exquisite moments as the bond of marriage solidified words and acts of love. So grateful to know big love- fierce and mighty; gentle and patient; bold and passionate. ❤️ Being Love. In All Ways. Always.

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I'm Love Designs.

Be Love.

“Love is not an emotion. It is your very existence.” #rumi

❤️ Be Love. Be Life. Adventure. Connection. Passion. Authenticity. Vulnerability.

❤️ Cherish all the moments, big and small. Think higher. Feel deeper. Love fully.

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I'm Love Designs.

Your Thoughts Are Your Reality.

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you’d never think a negative thought again.”

✨ Our thoughts shape our reality. The words we say; the images we make in our head; these make up the story that becomes what we are. It’s not even the experiences that make our life, but how we interpret and respond to our experiences.

✨ So, why is it sometimes so hard to get “out of our heads”? … to “just think good thoughts”? … because we are wired to seek what is familiar, and sometimes those damn thoughts have been playing on a loop for years, decades…there is safety in familiar. But there is freedom in choice. Choosing to change your thinking, change your story. Choosing to BE Love. Choosing to DO life with full abandon, engaged and with light.

✨ And sometimes, even when we choose love and choose light, we get stuck in a story. This is our Human. And as humans, we seek connection in those moments of story. When a cloud covers the sun for a moment. We seek belonging. We seek to be ok…

✨ Today, tell someone, “you are ok.”, “I got you.”, “you are worth it.”, “you are good.” …

✨ You don’t know how much light you hold until it shines through as Love.

✨ Choose LOVE. BE LOVE.

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I'm Love Designs.

Jimmy Fund Walk. I’m HOPE.

I’m Hope. HOPE is not an emotion, but a way of being.

Being Hope is getting real with vulnerability and struggle, taking a deep breath, and going forward with bravery and strength. Hope is authenticity in meeting challenge with love and whole hearted spirit. Hope is not just saying it will be ok. Hope is not just flipping on the lights because of fear and discomfort in darkness. Hope is being in the darkness with a burning flame of connection, compassion, purpose, trust, and courage.

Being HOPE is being LOVE. – Jessica 💜💜💜💜💜

There is not one of us who hasn’t been touched in some way by Cancer. There is also not one of us who wouldn’t be willing to give anything to take away the pain of a loved one fighting this fight or the grief of a loved one lost. There is also HOPE. Hope for a cure. Hope comes in all forms, and we have personally met many. Hope comes as survivors, as family members, as supporters, as fighters, as doctors willing to give their hearts for this cause. Hope comes as a community, a team, an event, a walk, a smile.

💜 We have HOPE. We have a smile. We have a team. We will walk. Will you support us as we walk with #jimmyfundwalk and #teamtara , with survivors we call true friends, with Dr. Ng, who is heroically fighting with her heart. Will you join us with HOPE?

💜 🙏🏼 – Jess and Ned

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I'm Love Designs.

Choose Love. New Shirt on amazon!

“You will decide how much of yourself you will bring to each moment. You will decide how much your heart is going to open… How faithful and fearless you will be in each moment… You will ultimately decide how much of your soul shines into this world…” #mattkahn

I get to decide. I choose. How do I want to show up? Shining my light. If I want passion, I have to BE Passion. If I want love, I have to BE Love.

It isn’t WHAT I do, it’s how I’m BEING. Ultimately, we all have the same time, whether it is one more breath, or a hundred more years; the only thing we each have is right now. This moment is not life waiting to happen, words waiting to be spoken, regrets waiting to evaporate, aliveness waiting to be felt, enlightenment waiting to be gained. No. Nothing is waiting. This is it. This moment is life. So, I choose to show up, to risk my heart, to be Passion, to be Love.

And to know that it is a practice; that I am vulnerable and human; and if I fall, I will keep shining. But I am not waiting. I’m choosing to be Love.

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