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Keep Showing Up.

Just Keep Showing Up

Riding through the mud wasn’t super fun. We went to race. We signed up and we showed up. We were ready. The gun went off. I pushed the pedals. The tires were barely moving through the mud. Turns and climbs and jumping barriers. Shoes caked with mud refusing to clip into the pedals. Mind negotiating the terrain and bartering with the body. Quit. No, Don’t stop. Catch those guys. Don’t get passed. Effort. This is tough. Push. Breathe.

— It’s when you want to quit and you keep going- that’s when the real journey starts–

Life. It is sometimes caked with mud. To be human. We sometimes negotiate to keep going through the mud. We keep showing up. We choose to BE real in all of life- including the mud. We are on the real journey. Keep going. ❤️🔥

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Show up for this moment…

“Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity… to seize everything you ever wanted…One moment…Would you capture it, or just let it slip?” #eminem

We show up and live this every day. Because success happens when hours of training meet a moment of opportunity.

Being ready….being trained…in physical body; in awareness of mind; in control of emotion… It takes discipline, it takes mindful preparation and energized focus. It is about being prepared for whatever comes up and being fully immersed in the moment, with exhilaration and passion and a true realization that we will not get this moment again.

What if this is the moment you’re supposed to be living? This moment. What if it’s right now? Stop scrolling. Put the phone down. Be ready. Opportunity. Now. Live it.

❤️ Be Passion. Be Inspired. Be Love.

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I’m Bikes. Tour de France Monday Motivation.

I’m Block Island. I’m Bikes shirt to kick off the Tour de France, the most intense, respected cycling race of the year. Inspired and in awe, we watch as these athletes ride with grit and determination, truly giving their all- a seemingly limitless body and mind sacrifice for 21 days of stage races over 2,082 miles. We have already witnessed crashes with broken bones, facial stitches, bloodied riders who push through to move on to the next stage. Their training has been much more than physical, but mental, emotional, and strategic, to earn a spot in a most-viewed sporting event worldwide. We will be watching as these incredible athletes take on this multi- stage race with passion, drive, and 100% toughness. That’s Monday Motivation. Be Passion. Be Bikes. 💪🏼❤️🚴🏼‍♂️ #tour #tourdefrance #imbikes #imlove #passion #grit #imspecialized @ride100percent @petosagan

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I’m Bikes…Racing is Training for LIFE.

Throwing down with some I’m Bikes boys… Racing is training for Life….It is showing up. Digging deep. Being Vulnerable. Being Brave. Connecting to each moment with 100% presence and focus. Accessing flow by tapping into hours of training- training that takes discipline, tenacity, spirit, dedication, passion. If only we all showed up in life like we do in a race. Eager, willing, open, curious, intent, vulnerable, passionate. This is where the magic happens. It’s not about the race; not about the win- it’s about who you show up as; who you become by racing…

Be Passion. Be Love. Be training for life in all of your races. -Ned

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I’m Bikes.

I’m Bikes.

A light drizzle fell from a crisp February sky this morning. It’s one thing to get caught out in the rain, but it takes a more intentional mindset to step out the door for a bike ride in the rain. It takes drive and passion and love.

Today my mind was months ahead of me, it was focused toward racing my bike against some really talented folks on Wednesday evenings in the summer, where the competition, conditioning, and camaraderie all conspire to create an unparalleled circumstance- the NBX Summer Training Crit. Where we show up and throw down. Where fitness built through winter months on the trainer and long cold slogs through wet conditions like today, materializes into pushing limits and clutching speed.

We are bikes.

I’m Bikes.


Photo credit @mcmahon_meg


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