I'm Love Designs.

Yoga. Practice. Training. For Life.

Yoga. Practice. Training. For Life.

🌊 I never knew that learning to lift myself off the ground would teach me how to lift myself up emotionally. I never knew that holding myself up would make life’s burdens feel so much lighter. I never knew that a physical practice could transform how I view the world. I never knew that an hour on a mat could translate into an edge in all aspects of life. I never knew floating was freeing. But now I know. Now I know.

Strength harnessed through breath…. Freedom in letting go….. Balance in flow…

🌊 I’m Yoga. I’m Love.

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I'm Love Designs.

Being Me.

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.” – Neil Gaiman

✨ Being me. Learning, growing, stretching, understanding….Being vulnerable, practicing gratitude, being open to what each moment brings, connecting with people, knowing fear, rising strong, accepting love, feeling emotions, practicing patience, breathing deeply…

✨ This quote is a reminder that wherever you are, whatever you are doing, YOU are unique and YOU are Love. If all this potential YOU gives you butterflies in your stomach, be grateful- you are in a wonderful place- nerves are a gift reminding you that life is not passing you by… that tomorrow isn’t promised… that we are here to risk ourselves for a wholehearted dive…that vulnerability is the birthplace of connection, trust, intimacy, love, belonging, and meaning….

✨Be passionately curious about YOU. Be You. Be LOVE.

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I'm Love Designs.

Breathe it all in. Love it all out.

Breathe it all in. Love it all out.

✨❤️ Fitness in body and mind- Breath is the bridge. The practice of coming back to your breath with focus will steady your mind; and when your mind is steady, you are here-present-alive-being.

❤️✨ The only thing that is with you from the moment you are born until the moment you die, is your breath. Your friends change, your jobs change, your looks change…your breath is constant. It is your flow, your anchor, your rhythm. Deep breaths can change your physiologic state, balance the pH in your body, stimulate the vagus nerve to reduce stress and anxiety, and bring you past the confines of your conditioning to realize your true potential.

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I'm Love Designs.

I’m Yoga. Journey to intention, presence, mindfulness.

Being Yoga. Being intentional and deliberate and mindful. ✨

Honest vulnerability here- those words did not define my yoga practice 2 years ago. I listened as my teachers said them, and the act of practicing yoga surely required focus, but I did not allow for the deliberate intention that I now embrace.

✨I was on auto-pilot- completing the physical routine- in each moment, projecting on to the next activity. While practicing, my mind would be hours ahead; or years in the past. Rehearsing the present; Rehashing the past…anywhere but still and quiet where I would feel vulnerable.

✨Of course, I always recognized the benefits of yoga- I allowed myself to grow and develop as a yogi, I was part of a community, I found mentors and life-long friends….but it wasn’t until more recently, that I transformed, that I aligned with focus and stillness and presence. Again, words I had heard, but had not cultivated.

✨Breath. The connection of mind to body. Breath. It keeps us alive, and can also bring us to life. Presence through breath. Mindfulness through breath. Attention and focus on this moment- without enduring, without creating stories, without worry about future have- or have-nots, without work, without striving, without fear, without shame, without hurry, without avoidance. ✨Breath. Home-base, grounding force, tuned-in, this moment, here, nowhere to get to, no place to be. This moment. This Breath.

✨And here I am, the same Jessica I was 2 years ago, with passion and grit and energy and drive; but also with intention and mindfulness- with presence found in Breath- with discipline not always for more, bigger, faster, but for deliberate flow, deeper, calmer.

✨Breath. ❤️

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