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Choose Love Over Fear.

Be Love. Be Yourself. Be all in. Choose Love. Over fear.

Because time is finite. It is the one thing there is no negotiating. It is this moment; never another promised. So, if Being Love means being vulnerable, do that. If Being Love means being grateful, do that. If Being Love means taking a risk, do that. Being Love IS being alive. Do that. Be Love. ❤️

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I'm Love Designs.

Last Words…

“The most important thing in life is LOVE.” …. last words of an iconic designer, just 40 years old. She died last month. She had money and houses and cars and half a million “followers”. She was beautiful and young and poised. She was a mom. She was a daughter.

She died.

That knocks the wind out of us. It seems unfair, unnatural, untimely. It is reality and it could be any one of us, at any time. Morbid? No. Love? Yes. Because that’s what she said. In her last breath. She wasn’t the first to tell us how it feels on the brink of having it all taken away. She won’t be the last of us to send out the reminder- that stuff we gather with our petty hands and tired minds, is not for us. It will not be rendered important. But Love. Love- where we all begin and we all end. Important.

Because none of us will make it out alive. So, maybe BE Love in the middle of the beginning and the end. Be love now.

Choosing Love. Allowing Love. Being Love. Important.

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I'm Love Designs.


“Time is all you ever own in your life- everything else is a rental- even your body must be returned when it’s all over.” – Guru Singh

✨ Sunrise run thoughts of allowing each moment to be as it is. And at the same time, being all-in, fully present, without hesitation or protecting or fear.

✨ Because none of us are making it out alive. Why not give it all; feel it all.

✨ We don’t go surfing to just sit on the board…ride the wave.


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I'm Love Designs.

Grief is Love You Want to Give.

“Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot. All that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in that hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go” ~ Jamie Anderson

❤️ This photo is genuine. A real smile, a cheers to September, to this moment, to connecting with people. This is being LOVE. Being Love also takes the form of tears, of grief, that can seep out without warning or reason. Loss. My dad. My best friend, JD. Family. Grief. A reflection of a connection that has been broken.

❤️ “What is to give light must endure burning” – Viktor Frankl. …. 🌊 The sunrise this morning was fire. The deepest colors I have witnessed with my eyes. Perhaps it was the depth of feeling I was keeping pace with as I ran with my heart, processing some tears that came last night.

❤️ I thought of grief as the ocean; it comes in waves, ebbing and flowing, sometimes the water is calm, sometimes fierce and unrelenting. I just keep swimming. And I love hard. Because it is the only way to Love.


@ Narragansett Beach, Rhode Island

I'm Love Designs.

Tribute to Dad…Being Love.

My morning run frequently brings me through reflections; as I run along the ocean at sunrise, the pure astonishment of the new day moves me…today was another level of depth and vulnerable appreciation, as the sun rose over this memorial for a Dad.

❤️ Poignant and real- a reminder of the brevity of life, of the excruciating heartbreak of loss, and of the unique magnitude of a Dad’s love.

❤️ My dad died when I was 10, unexpectedly rocking my innocent world of climbing trees, riding bikes, and playing sports under his coaching guidance.

❤️ To whomever is missing their dad, etching his name on the seawall, flanked by simple flowers to welcome the rising sun, YOU are Love.

❤️ To the dads who have made an imprint on their daughters and sons, far beyond the confines of life and death, YOU are love.

❤️Gratitude and love for the beauty that a new day can bring, even over a heartbreaking sentiment.


“And perhaps the most beautiful paradox of all is how a human soul is heartbreakingly fragile and unbreakably strong at the same time.”

Join the I’m Love Movement. I’m Love Movement ❤️ BE Love.

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