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I’m Bikes…Racing is Training for LIFE.

Throwing down with some I’m Bikes boys… Racing is training for Life….It is showing up. Digging deep. Being Vulnerable. Being Brave. Connecting to each moment with 100% presence and focus. Accessing flow by tapping into hours of training- training that takes discipline, tenacity, spirit, dedication, passion. If only we all showed up in life like we do in a race. Eager, willing, open, curious, intent, vulnerable, passionate. This is where the magic happens. It’s not about the race; not about the win- it’s about who you show up as; who you become by racing…

Be Passion. Be Love. Be training for life in all of your races. -Ned

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I'm Love Designs.

I’m Us.

I’m Us. Love. Adventure Always. Here, at this table. Where ordinary moments are extraordinary. Where date night is every night. Where wine and music set the backdrop for deep conversation and long laughter. Where the hours go by and the moments hang on. Where comfort and certainty meet growth and exploration. Love. Being Love. #imlove #imus

Be your passion. 👕❤️✨

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I'm Love Designs.

I’m Sushi.

I’m Sushi.

I’m Sushi dates with this guy. We’re extra wasabi and Pinot Noir and deep conversations and people watching at the bar…There is something about Sushi that brings people together; a connecting and alluring experience; a shared delight in the colorful rolls, the savoring of each flavor-bursting bite, the cultural vibe, the enticing use of chopsticks, the arousal of all the senses… Sushi dates are more than eating sushi. They are vitalizing moments of connecting, sharing, feeling…being Sushi. I’m Sushi. I’m Love.


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I'm Love Designs.

I’m Books.

I’m Books.

I wasn’t always a bibliophile, and I surely wasn’t an exemplary student in high school, but I’m convinced there’s magic in books. The feel of a book in my hand, the stout heaviness of a classic hardcover, firm and unforgiving, protecting the delicate pages that contain the transformative words. Words that allow me to step into a time/space portal, ready to be magically transported to places far, near, historical and futuristic. The act of physically holding a book, and intentionally turning every page, is euphoria for the senses. I literally and figuratively ‘feel’ the book. I have stood atop the Wall with Jon Snow, I have been to St. Malo during German occupied France in the 1940’s, I caught swordfish on the Andrea Gail, I too met the Alchemist at the oasis in the dessert, I still eat the fruit from The Giving Tree, and just last week I was surfing in Hawaii with Jaimal. Are you ready for an adventure? ready learn something new? are you willing to say “YES”? Pick up a book. GO. READ. DO. BE. Be books. I’m Books. -Ned .

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I'm Love Designs.

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I’m Surf. I’m Triathlon. I’m Beer. I’m Run.

Be your Passion.

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“Today is important because I am trading a day of my life for it.”