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Last Words…

“The most important thing in life is LOVE.” …. last words of an iconic designer, just 40 years old. She died last month. She had money and houses and cars and half a million “followers”. She was beautiful and young and poised. She was a mom. She was a daughter.

She died.

That knocks the wind out of us. It seems unfair, unnatural, untimely. It is reality and it could be any one of us, at any time. Morbid? No. Love? Yes. Because that’s what she said. In her last breath. She wasn’t the first to tell us how it feels on the brink of having it all taken away. She won’t be the last of us to send out the reminder- that stuff we gather with our petty hands and tired minds, is not for us. It will not be rendered important. But Love. Love- where we all begin and we all end. Important.

Because none of us will make it out alive. So, maybe BE Love in the middle of the beginning and the end. Be love now.

Choosing Love. Allowing Love. Being Love. Important.

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I'm Love Designs.


“Time is all you ever own in your life- everything else is a rental- even your body must be returned when it’s all over.” – Guru Singh

✨ Sunrise run thoughts of allowing each moment to be as it is. And at the same time, being all-in, fully present, without hesitation or protecting or fear.

✨ Because none of us are making it out alive. Why not give it all; feel it all.

✨ We don’t go surfing to just sit on the board…ride the wave.


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I'm Love Designs.

Triathlon Transition…Being Love.

“Going Deep. Being Vulnerable. Being Strong.” -Wim Hof

Race Day.








Adventure Always.