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Last Words…

“The most important thing in life is LOVE.” …. last words of an iconic designer, just 40 years old. She died last month. She had money and houses and cars and half a million “followers”. She was beautiful and young and poised. She was a mom. She was a daughter.

She died.

That knocks the wind out of us. It seems unfair, unnatural, untimely. It is reality and it could be any one of us, at any time. Morbid? No. Love? Yes. Because that’s what she said. In her last breath. She wasn’t the first to tell us how it feels on the brink of having it all taken away. She won’t be the last of us to send out the reminder- that stuff we gather with our petty hands and tired minds, is not for us. It will not be rendered important. But Love. Love- where we all begin and we all end. Important.

Because none of us will make it out alive. So, maybe BE Love in the middle of the beginning and the end. Be love now.

Choosing Love. Allowing Love. Being Love. Important.

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I'm Love Designs.

The Most Important Thing?…

❤️ “The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing.”

Yikes…That is a big statement. What is the most important thing? Are we talking one thing? Pick just one? Something I cherish without question- my family. An actual thing I use every day- my swim goggles. Something I am passionate about- yoga. Something I am working on daily- being present…

So what is THE most important thing? And now I have to KEEP it THE most important? Prioritize? Commit? … Maybe I can look at it differently. Perhaps all those big important things, including people I love with my whole heart; perhaps those are only important in the context of the ACTUAL most important thing… Radical acceptance of myself in my life, moment by moment, being love, appreciating all the richness of this one life and the inevitability of its sorrows and heartache.

Because really, there is no substitute for living life moment by moment. The buzz word is mindfulness. To me, it is an awareness that taps me on the shoulder 437 times a day, to say, “This is your life. Now. Not anticipating what is to come; Not remembering what is gone.” … This does not mean I don’t have vision, or goals, or memories of past. But the place in which I dwell, the present, the capacity to BE IN life, allows me to be with grief and with bliss, to be passionate, to be authentic and wholehearted, to show up…. I will keep THAT the most important thing… BEING here and BEING love. ❤️ I’m Love.

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High Expectations.

Expectations, disappointment, goals, hard work, dreams, plans, success, risk, failure, vision, discipline, flow… these are words that came up in a Jess-Ned- over wine conversation last night. Hashing out the discrepancy between “Expectation is the root of all heartache” and “Success demands disciplined planning and high expectations of yourself”

Thoughts were still massaging my brain during my morning swim. Here is what my 3500 yards between two walls gave me…. For as long as I can remember, I have had high expectations; have been driven, disciplined, and striving; planning, setting goals, working hard, achieving. But, this left me always running… toward or from something. I didn’t want to surrender to stillness or calm. Even as I practiced yoga, I didn’t want the calm, the exhales, the flow, to guide me. I wanted what I thought was discipline and intensity. Because, to me, discipline meant success, and intensity kept me running so stillness couldn’t reveal buried pain.

Then I learned that flow is being present, and THAT is more intense than any intensity I had known. Stillness takes more discipline, more patience.

Then I had a moment. Ned was there. Surfing at sunrise, we jumped off our boards and floated. Together. The white water enveloped us, the waves took us in, fish literally jumped out of the water surrounding us, the rising sun beamed sparkles on the water. I told him, “this could be the best moment of my life”.

“No”, he said, “it can’t be.” But he didn’t know. He didn’t know the moment I labeled “best” one early morning surfing; that I felt a sensation and a presence that had been absent in my life to that point. Maybe glimpses of it, but never a complete contentment, an absence of expectation, a patience, an experience of not needing anything else in that moment; not running from stillness, not trying to get somewhere else. Just the full dimension of being here. Now. Living this moment.

So, where do we land in the vortex of planning and goal-setting and over-achieving and experiencing stillness for contentment in a moment? All I know is I continue to practice life with passion and intensity in each moment.

Because, each moment IS your life. ❤️

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I'm Love Designs.

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“You will decide how much of yourself you will bring to each moment. You will decide how much your heart is going to open… How faithful and fearless you will be in each moment… You will ultimately decide how much of your soul shines into this world…” #mattkahn

I get to decide. I choose. How do I want to show up? Shining my light. If I want passion, I have to BE Passion. If I want love, I have to BE Love.

It isn’t WHAT I do, it’s how I’m BEING. Ultimately, we all have the same time, whether it is one more breath, or a hundred more years; the only thing we each have is right now. This moment is not life waiting to happen, words waiting to be spoken, regrets waiting to evaporate, aliveness waiting to be felt, enlightenment waiting to be gained. No. Nothing is waiting. This is it. This moment is life. So, I choose to show up, to risk my heart, to be Passion, to be Love.

And to know that it is a practice; that I am vulnerable and human; and if I fall, I will keep shining. But I am not waiting. I’m choosing to be Love.

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I'm Love Designs.

Do small things with great love.

Do small things with great love.

“For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable through Love.” – Wim Hof

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