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Love where you Live. Be Home.

Love where you live. 💜🌊 Narragansett, RI, voted 2018 New England’s Best Beach Town by the #bostonglobe .

The historic and iconic towers of Narragansett, RI, are adjacent to the Coast Guard House, which was re-built from original 1883 construction, after devastating damage in 2012 by Hurricane Sandy. Narragansett Town Beach boasts soft sand, good surfing, and complimentary natural, non-toxic sunscreen from @rawelementsusa . We are locals who brave the snowy, windy winter, surfing these waves and enjoying solitude before tourists descend on this Epic summer town. Tourists bring excitement and connections from all over the country, sharing our passion for this gem. I’m Love. I’m Ocean. I’m Bliss. I’m Surf. 👕 on amazon 🌊💜. T-Shirt on amazon

Raw Elements Natural Sunblock

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I'm Love Designs.

I’m Love all the Moments.

Summer morning. I’m Love. Living at the edge of the ocean. I’m Love. Feeling the sun on my face. I’m Love. Swimming in the chilly salt water. I’m Love. Exhilarating surf. I’m Love. Friends and adventure. I’m Love. Being grateful and present for all the moments. I’m Love. .

Be your Passion. Be Love. . I’m Love tank now on Etsy and amazon. See link in bio 👕❤️ Etsy Store

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I'm Love Designs.

I’m Inhale and Exhale.

Inhale Love. Exhale Light.


I’m Love. I’m inhales and exhales. I’m Meditation. I’m stillness and calm. I’m work in progress. I’m Love over fear. I’m breathe in this moment.

We are all dealing with something. We all have stuff. Sometimes we just need to hear “I got you”. Sometimes we just need to feel Love. Are you Love?

Be Love. ❤️👕👇🏼 Buy on amazon here

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I’m Run…Post from Coach

I’m Run Repost @coachmwangi

I’m weekends. I’m weekdays. I’m seven days a week.

I’m focus. I’m drive. I’m two, sometimes three steps ahead.

I’m methodical and planned out, but I’m nothing without execution.

I’m weeks and months, sometimes years in the making.

I’m up and I’m down, and strength to get back up again.

I’m not always easy to understand, and not always easy to adopt.

I’m intense and in the moment, sometimes downright myopic.

I’m trial and tribulation, frustration and disappointment.

I’m fulfillment and validation, confidence and purpose.

I’m #commitment

I’m #run…and everything that comes with it.

🙏🏾for your creation, and for your inspiration @imlovedesigns!

Be your Passion. ❤️👕👇🏼

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I'm Love Designs.

I’m Books.

I’m Books.

I wasn’t always a bibliophile, and I surely wasn’t an exemplary student in high school, but I’m convinced there’s magic in books. The feel of a book in my hand, the stout heaviness of a classic hardcover, firm and unforgiving, protecting the delicate pages that contain the transformative words. Words that allow me to step into a time/space portal, ready to be magically transported to places far, near, historical and futuristic. The act of physically holding a book, and intentionally turning every page, is euphoria for the senses. I literally and figuratively ‘feel’ the book. I have stood atop the Wall with Jon Snow, I have been to St. Malo during German occupied France in the 1940’s, I caught swordfish on the Andrea Gail, I too met the Alchemist at the oasis in the dessert, I still eat the fruit from The Giving Tree, and just last week I was surfing in Hawaii with Jaimal. Are you ready for an adventure? ready learn something new? are you willing to say “YES”? Pick up a book. GO. READ. DO. BE. Be books. I’m Books. -Ned .

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