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Love where you Live. Be Home.

Love where you live. 💜🌊 Narragansett, RI, voted 2018 New England’s Best Beach Town by the #bostonglobe .

The historic and iconic towers of Narragansett, RI, are adjacent to the Coast Guard House, which was re-built from original 1883 construction, after devastating damage in 2012 by Hurricane Sandy. Narragansett Town Beach boasts soft sand, good surfing, and complimentary natural, non-toxic sunscreen from @rawelementsusa . We are locals who brave the snowy, windy winter, surfing these waves and enjoying solitude before tourists descend on this Epic summer town. Tourists bring excitement and connections from all over the country, sharing our passion for this gem. I’m Love. I’m Ocean. I’m Bliss. I’m Surf. 👕 on amazon 🌊💜. T-Shirt on amazon

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I'm Love Designs.

I’m Love all the Moments.

Summer morning. I’m Love. Living at the edge of the ocean. I’m Love. Feeling the sun on my face. I’m Love. Swimming in the chilly salt water. I’m Love. Exhilarating surf. I’m Love. Friends and adventure. I’m Love. Being grateful and present for all the moments. I’m Love. .

Be your Passion. Be Love. . I’m Love tank now on Etsy and amazon. See link in bio 👕❤️ Etsy Store

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I'm Love Designs.

I’m ‘Gansett.

I’m ‘Gansett.

Love where you live.

My passion for the water has grown throughout the 39 years of my life. From a toddler swimming in my grandparents’ pool in Nutley, NJ, to summers on Cape Cod beaches, to competitive swim teams, to open water Masters’ swimming, I was always craving the enveloping quality of water, the smell of the ocean, the pull of the current.

My move to Narragansett, RI has amplified the importance of water to my core being. I am fully alive on my morning runs along the seawall with the sunrise painting the sky and reflecting on crashing waves. The salt water becomes my haven for summer and fall months-from glassy reflective swims, to big swell whitecaps hammering the school of swim caps and goggles as we stroke through the fierceness of the ocean. The most exhilarating moments of my life have been in this ocean, at the mercy of the tossing sea.

And beyond the passion for running and swimming at Narragansett Town Beach, we surf, we race, we walk the beach, we picnic in the sand as the sun sets…Gansett is Home. Love where you live. 🌊🌊


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